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Cesar Rocchi of Posty wrote, on a guest post to Luis Gray’s blog,  a simple “Guide to Unfollow Uninteresting Twitterers”

In general, I agree with what he says but here I want to elaborate a bit on his first rule, because, although quite natural, it is a bit unfair.

The rule goes like this:

What language is this?
When I stumbled upon a tweet with “strange” characters or words I opened that profile and then asked: does she regularly post in this language? If yes then unfollow. Moral: how can I be interested in what is expressed in a language that I don’t understand?

Such a  filter could be used in  facebook news stream too, and, in general, in any kind of info ‘streaming’ service.

And, of course, I wrote my proposal  in  English so not to be  filtered out by those who should listen 🙂

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