It’s a little bit over two years since when I wrote about the desirability of a language filter for social media news ‘streams’. But while Facebook has given the world one, probably because I missed its initial introduction, I  made the connection only now : In Facebook Pages, one can select who will see a certain status update by selecting a country and a language.

Quite rightly, language is not enough on its own to make targeting work. Neither country. The combination can work wonders though.

Just think the various pages that brands open on a country basis. There is no need to anymore. With the country status targeting, one page can be used to serve all countries. In theory, at least. It will require lots of admins, true. But this is better than a lot of pages repeating similar things over and over.

Also, I can help segment messaging in countries with more than one languages, keeping follower annoyance at a minimum.


But why only Pages?

The same need exists (to a lesser extend) for Personal Profiles and Groups.

And why is it so difficult for other social platforms to come up with solutions like this?

Is anyone listening in Twitter?


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