Say a twitter account is listed x times.

So what, you might ask.

Indeed, the absolute number means little.

But by observing  both numbers as a ratio (followers to lists, F/L for brevity from now on), I think I have found a quite meaningful use of  them.

If  a twitter user is performing some sort of broadcasting of news, offers, weather, traffic, stock prices etc, it might useful to follow. But doing so in the timeline breaks the convesation and de-humanizes the stream.

Following such users/accounts through lists is much more convenient, much more practical. It brings sanity to the timeline.

If my assumption is correct, then such users/accounts would be listed relatively more often, than followed. Hence, the F/L ratio  would be relatively lower.

This metric, if true, can be used for identifying and classifying an unknown (to us) user.

My guess is that if the ratio is less than 10, then this user/account  is probably a broadcasting account of some sort. Or his activity is such (: publishing own blogposts, without engaging in conversations).

I have two personal twitter accounts: one for english and one for greek. The F/L for the first is 16.75.  Surprisingly, the ratio for the other account is approx. the same 16.62!

What is your F/L ratio?