I am not adamant on this but I think it is right: a business account in a social medium, should reciprocate friending/following etc wherever possible (in facebook pages it is impossible) as a courtesy to the people engaging with it.

For account of individuals I have strong contrary views though.

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “A biz social media account should follow back?

  1. Definitely should follow back. Don’t just leave a tweet or post on facebook…Has to interact with their followers/fans. Should reply in tweets, open the wall for comments and comment back at Facebook etc.

    That’s the way social media should be approached by companies and biz social accounts…

  2. Business accounts in a social medium must be the brand’s best insiders! All the communication strategy must be in the “field” of engaging, supporting and help people to interact better with the brand. I agree that a facebook fun page does not has the straight frw follow back button as twitter, but the administrator and the brand’s side members must have the know how (or the right training to do so) for “pleasing” the members and the loyal customers. I think that Facebook is the ultimate tool for that kind of service, because the brand interacts with the customers every day life (stream).

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