Image from Flickr by RBerteig

I remember a time (not so long ago) when people were disgusted by partial feeds and most of the major blogs and bloggers abided by this unwritten law. Publishing a partial feed was synonymous to cheap exploitation, putting ad revenues over readership, alienating your readers etc.

I, myself, am guilty of accusing blogs for  this kind of ‘malpractice’.

But things change.

I see more and more probloggers publishing partial feed and very few readers  complaining.


Because the way we read and follow blogs has changed too. Information is coming to us. And usually it comes in the form of a short sentence with a link in it, something especially true for twitter.

So the trend of reading everything in the coziness of our feed reader is in decline, while reading from the source is back with a vengeance.  Twitter and Facebook are the benefactors of blog ad revenues.