I added a Lifestreaming plugin to my blog recently and as I was entering the feed urls of the various Web 2.0 sites I am participating, I stumbled upon the Facebook problem.
Since its last change, the old mini-feed feed has disappeared, so one has to reassemble it by its components.
I was particularly interested in the Noted Feed, the Links feed and the Status feed.


Well, the notes is the facebook blogging.

Although I rarely use it, it can occassionaly contain some thoughts that are posted nowhere else.


By clicking to the notes tab in your profile (hoping you have added the tab to your profile), you get on the right side a column which, at the lower part has the notes feed. Like this:


The structure of the url is as follows:


The Links feed is essentialy the feed of all the sharing activity in facebook, so it is a must to include in a lifestream. Working as with notes we can find it at a similar place.
The structure of the url is as follows:

Last, the Status feed is the most important one, especially if no cross posting is taking place on your Facebook Wall, as it comprises of all the original thoughts and situations you share in Facebook.
But where is this feed located?
As much I have searched I could not find it.

So after discussing this in twitter, from the responses I realized that the structure of the statuses feed url must be the same with other two feed.

First guess: replace notes.php with status.php and … voila, it works!


2 thoughts on “Facebook Feeds

  1. It’s doesn’t works for me. I use "facebook status script" on MS Live Messenger, and I fill the hyperlink in the script tool, it doesn’t show any change at all…..but, thanks any way….

  2. @JJ.Liu Did you try to view the feed before entering it in th MS Live Messenger? Just put the url on your browser to see whether something comes back or if you get an error message

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