I am ‘locked’ up today in my mother’s house, which, quite unsurprisingly, does not have internet access.  One option is to steal my way to the net through a neighbors’ open wifi. Not without some odd problems though: I can open my Gmail in https, send and receive mail as normal, I can browse pages in https (where supported), I can use a twitter desktop client, I can use twitter through (you guessed) https, but every other simple web page request through http fails!

But problems can make one creative! Having encountered the same situation before, this time I came prepared. I had preset my MacBook Air and N95 for tethering and I could surf the web with no restrictions. Well, almost, as  my data plan  isn’t for heavy use  (it’s just a quarter of a Gb per month) .

How ?

You’ll need a USB cable.
Connect Phone to Mac and select PC Suite on the phone.
Make setting as the pictures below

One can achieve the same without a  USB cable (through Bluetooth) but I did not try it, as bluetooth drains phone batter all to quickly.

The above settings are specific for my provider, but you can get an idea how it would work with yours. A tip: do not confuse the APN (Access point name, with the connection name on your phone). Open your connection (the one you use to connect to the internet) and see the APN name there.
Leave a comment if you have tried this on a different provider.