Today, as I was reading my feeds, I came across this post of Louis Gray “The Future of Social Media Is Mobile, Unified and Transparent”” something that I strongly believe too.

Later on, scanning the technology page of Blogsearch, I discovered this very interesting piece of news from profy:“T-Mobile Presold 1.5 Million G1 Android Phones.

The article shows an above expectations success of the yet to be released phone.

I started thinking about the recent announcements of the other two touch screen phones: the impressive Blackberry Storm and the Nokia 5800, and started making comparisons. Then, quite naturally,l the question popped up in my mind: in terms of public’s attention, where do these competitors stand?

So I turned to the only means of measuring attention at hand: Google Trends.

I limited my queries to the last 30 days and compared the results for US (where all the new phones made or will make their debut) and the world in total.

The results were not unexpected but surprising in the extend iphone differentiates itself from the rest of the pack.


B. World

Peak points relate to the following events:

If you try the searches yourselves, you might get different results as they are dynamic and change over time, but the closer to the time of my searches, the less the deviation.

The conclusion from the above is that iPhone, one and a half year after its first release, dominates attention. The gap is not likely to close, as each competitor that shows up, is compared to iphone, bringing it again back to our attention.

Another interesting conclusion is that, though a distant second, Blackberry can be a formidable competitor, as the product shows in the second place, above android and 5800 while it has not been released yet.

As expected, iPhone in the  US is getting twofold as much attention as in the world in total.

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7 thoughts on “iPhone vs G1 Android vs Blackberry Storm vs Nokia 5800

  1. Interesting comparison though can be not exactly credible as people use different search terms – for G1 they search for G phone, G1, Google phone, Android phone, etc. – but probably the picture is more or less valid here. But the conclusion is right on spot anyway – Apple is very capable of building enormous buzz for any of its products and it is very visible for iPhone as well.

  2. @Svetlava Gladkova for sure people use different terms. I have experimented with a few, only to choose these ones because they were bringing the higher results for iphone competitors:
    for instance nokia tube was much lower than nokia 5800.
    Thanks for commenting!

  3. Thanks for the article. I’ve been doing a lot of research and searches looking for my next phone!

    Sir Pent
    drummer of the Lizards From Afar
    ALL music by the Lizards From Afar available FREE at:

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