I keep experimenting with Chrome,  Google’s neat new browser, ever since it appeared. Now when I use gmail, greader or gcalendar and happen to work on a windows PC I use Chrome instead of Firefox. I work on windows for office task, linux for development and mac for fun, in case you are interested.

Chrome is so much faster and I love the tab independence feature (i.e. when something ‘breaks’ in a tab, the rest keep working).
But I also keep using it  for the discovery experience it offers.
Chrome is minimal: not many toolbars, no separate search fields, no arcane menus for configuration. Yet, most of the goodies that we are used to from the other browsers, are there somehow. And more.

My latest discovery has to do with the in page search. Chrome has the seach box on top right and, as in firefox, it appears when a Ctrl+F is pressed.
Again, like firefox, typing a word in the search box highlights all the occurrences of the word in the page, something really convenient. But here Chrome offers something extra: it also highlights the position of the occurrences on the slider on the right. Take a look at the picture below:

I searched for the word “web” on the front page of this blog.In the picture you can see some of its occurences highligthed plus some orange lines on the slider on the right. These are the positions of the occurrences. So, once in a pretty large page,  you can slide quickly to the proper position!

It is these little details that make the difference from  “good” to “excellent”.


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