A new kid is on the block: since Monday morning Google’s new browser, Chrome,  has been the most hot discussion topic on the internet. And, I guess, lots of people, all over the world,, are punching keys franticaly as we ‘speak’ , to test it.

Here is my contribution to the buzz.  How does the new browser behave in terms of standards compatibility? Let’s take the tests.

ACID2 gives


Which means 100% compatibility.

ACID3 gives :


which means 78% compliance. Were it 100% it should look  like this:


How do these results compare to the browsers on the market? I have run the same test on all the known browsers that pass the ACID2 test  and here are the results. All the test were run on a Windows XP with SP2.

Browser (version) ACID2 ACID3
IE (8.0.6001) 100% 12%
Firefox (3.0.1) 100% 71%
Safari (3.0.4) 100% 41%
Opera (9.52) 100% 83%
Chrome 100% 78%

So Chrome does a fairly good job in ACID3, but still trails Opera.

Update: I just spotted an article on CNET about Chrome’s standards compliance.Instead of comparing IE8 it compares IE7 on the Acid3 test and gives a result of 14% which I could not confirm.  The acid servers were very slow to respond but when they did I just got a 12% as in IE8.

4 thoughts on “Google Chrome and Standards Compliance (updated)

  1. @kingdom media It is faster than Firefox, that’s for sure. I have played with it for over 3 hours and it renders pages very fast. The colors seem more bright also, but that’s the WebKit behind. For me the decision to use it or not lies on the developer community adoption, ie, will it have a comparable number and quality of add ons to firefox? If yes, I’ll most probably adopt it.

  2. IE 8 weighing in at only 12% compliance on ACID3?

    LOL what the f*** are those ppl at Microsoft playing at…

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