A twitter friend pointed me yesterday to Soundsnap, a new site that offers tons of free sounds. Never before have I  bothered to check the existence of this type of sites, so I don’t know whether this is a novelty or not. But, being a  podcaster, I run to check whether the material is available for podcasting use that could fit my needs.

Soundsnap is not a music site. All one can find there is plain sounds that can be used for special sound effects, remix etc.

It is a simple, clean site, with community features. Created by some sound pros, it is dedicated to uploading and sharing sounds. It is ad and sponsor supported.

A quick look reveals thousands of sounds available for downloading which one can listen to with the available flash player.

The site is build with drupal and a few add ons but  it is not the ‘coolness’ of the underlying CMS that matters here.

The only thing I have a slight objection for, is that the terms of use allow only public domain material to be uploaded. A creative-commons-also approach could make Soundsnap more attractive to contributors.
Nevertheless, it is useful as it is.