Going to the hot lands of the web, the abuzz  and idea plenty, where all the novelties spring or sprout. Where all the new ventures take form and  their newborn ecosystems shape. In the jungle of the world wild web.

That is what this blog is (or, rather, will be) about: technlogies, startups, events and people behind them.

I know it is going to be a long journey, lonely and adverse, yet, wilderness has always been my childhood’s fascination so I choose to stick to what makes me tick.


17 thoughts on “Webtropic

  1. @netfriendly This is a wish for actors, isn’t it? Thanks anyway.

    @basilakis1 Fun is aim nr#1. Thanks dude.

    @S.K. Act Globally too I would say. Thank u.

  2. You seem ready for the journey!… and since bloggers are “connected” like cells in the global organism, I sure wait to see good people joining.
    All the best, we’ll keep you company 🙂

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